About 5000 thousand years ago, Chinese doctors, (then still called healers) defined points on the feet, hands and other body parts, corresponding to the relevant organs of the human body. They came to the applications becoming more and more accepted and recognized by modern medicine, that our life energy (CHI) flows through the body well-defined routes, the so-called meridians.

    Acupuncture, reflex therapy and foot massage relaxes and helps blood circulation not only in the feet, but in the whole body, from the feet, through the trunk, up to the neck and head. By the human body floats about 72 000 nerve connections that have their end in large part on its feet. Wearing shoes , but also walking barefoot on rocky beaches, fields and meadows all the nerve endings are triggered. This allows the life energy regenerates and strengthens.
    The human body (in the earlobes, the hands, feet, face) are arranged so. reflective zone, reflecting all the internal organs. The main cluster zones are located in the feet - the sole of the foot is placed over the end of 7000 nerves that have a direct connection with the brain, and at the same time to all parts of the body.
    Shocks caused right foot massage is sent to all areas of the body and brain. Reflexology massage causes better blood flow and bio-energy to the body which is linked massaged area, triggers and stimulates vital energy vital force thus strengthening the body's defenses.
    For a healthy body, foot massaged is not painful .When pressed the point is hypersensitive to touch, it proves that the organ can be malfunctions. Pain in a specific place, indicates to us the possibility of disease in the corresponding organ.

    Acupressure can be very often used as an analgesic. The two main points, which massage eliminates or at least definitely relieves pain, are located on each leg, in the cavity between the outer ankle and heel, two more on both calves. Knowing reflection "map" of the foot, massaging specific points on the foot, you can tame such backache, toothaches (including pain after extraction), intercostal neuralgia and trigeminal neuralgia. Acupressure feet is so peculiar form of anesthesia.

Source: www.digest.com.pl